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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Small Business Website Or E-Commerce Store?

As a small business owner, do you really understand how important it is to have a professional website that is both clear and to the point? When your audience lands at your online doorstep, you only have a few seconds to demonstrate to them your business message, your mission, and exactly what products or services your brand provides. If your customers can’t find your business online, or if they can but they don’t understand what you offer, how is it possible for you to succeed in today’s business world? The answer is, it’s not!

Your website is your most important business spokesperson for all of the matters listed above, representing your company to a global audience and showcasing your products to the world. So, through the help of experienced website designers and professional developers, its role is to make sure that whoever lands on it, is drawn in from the first moment they arrive, and encouraged to engage with your brand or to make a purchase. Let’s discuss in detail why you just can’t go without a high-quality small business website and a positive presence on the World Wide Web.


A Website Creates Credibility And Trust
Your website is an online tool that allows potential customers to find your business and discover more about what you offer, and every page matters! Your ‘Homepage’ shares your business values, your ‘Contact Us’ page makes it easy for your customers to communicate with you, and your ‘About Us’ page shows your business’ heart and identity. All of this makes your business more credible; the information you provide is a sign that you’re a real and legitimate company that your customers can trust.


Website Open 24-7
Being accessible to your customers at all times is a key driver to the success of a small business. Your physical store may not be open after-hours, or even on weekends and public holidays, but with a small business website or e-commerce store you have the power to trade twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! This means that you’re available to supply all of your customer needs, continuously generate revenue, and in turn, encourage a constant flow of repeat business, because you offer your customers the total convenience that they demand.


Online Shopping - Products & Services
Your small business website or e-commerce store allows your customers to have access to your business whenever they please, and from any location on earth. At any time, they can stop by to take a look at your products, research your business through client testimonials, or view the images and tutorial videos you provide to demonstrate your services, all of which helps them decide whether you’re the right vendor for them. When you prominently showcase all your products and services on your website, you empower your visitors to make an instant purchase or to book a service with ease; even after hours! You’ll literally be making money while you sleep!


Website Growth And Expansion
With the rapid growth of the internet and global connectivity, people from around the world are now empowered to find your business through its website, no matter where you’re located. This means that more people than ever before can become potential customers of your small business. You might think that connecting with potential clients from around the globe is an impossible task which is only available to those with a large marketing budget. However, you would be pleasantly surprised what can be done through the implementation of basic Search Engine Optimisation techniques and targeted marketing campaigns! A high-quality and well-designed website really is the key to elevating your local business into a global marketplace.


Website Contact Us Page
Forget the old school methods of marketing your company. The yellow pages or printed flyers just won’t bring in the business like they might have twenty years ago. Why? Because quite simply, no one looks at them anymore – everyone has gone online! Your clients desperately want to get in touch with you, so you should always make it easy for them to reach out. Essentially, your website now becomes your business card, which is accessible to anyone across the globe! What’s better, you don’t even have to give it to someone anymore – with a highly optimised website and search engines like Google, your customers will start to find you on their own, not the other way around!

Just remember to make it as easy as possible for people to reach you: add a clear and easy-to-find ‘Contact Us’ page to your website, or you can even add your contact details to the header or the footer section of every page on the website. It really should go without saying; it’s extremely important that visitors to your website can find your contact information and engage with you, no matter where they’re browsing on your website.


Website Branding & Marketing
Do you know the impact that a client’s comment or review can have on your business’ reputation? Of course, great customer reviews and referrals are a fantastic way to generate more business! But, preferably you must also play a role in how your audience perceives you, right? This is where exceptional branding and a high-quality website design can add extraordinary value to your credibility and trust.

Control the narrative of your business through impressive articles and a positive message, implement engaging product images and videos that draw the attention of your customers to your professionalism, and create webpages that will make you stand out from your competitors and significantly increase your customer base. The positive benefits that your small business website can have on your brand and image are quite simply, priceless, and they should not be overlooked!


A Website Is A Low Risk Investment
A well-structured marketing campaign is obviously important for any small business, but traditional forms – such as television and radio marketing, or print and billboard marketing – can be extremely expensive! What is frustrating is that most of these mediums have consistently increased in cost over the last few years, even though there effectiveness has significantly decreased!

What hasn’t increased in cost, however, is the initial and ongoing expense of website development and hosting. The standard rates for having a website designed, developed, and hosted, are actually lower than they have been in the past, making it an ideal advertising method to invest in. Not only is it cheap, but it is incredibly effective in establishing your business and growing it exponentially throughout your local area, your country, or even the world! It’s also good to remember that there’s not much risk involved when you start your website: it doesn’t require a lot of initial capital and long-term contracts are rarely required, so you can better control expenses over time.


Online Advertising & Website Marketing
When it comes to traditional advertising methods – such as print and television media – you have no guarantee that the flyer or the message you have paid for will ever generate revenue for your business, or even attract a single new customer. Essentially you have to pay a large expense for these services in advance, with no guarantee of any result or ongoing success, and there’s even a chance that your customers won’t even see it! More often than not, these mediums are ignored by consumers, mainly because society is continuously inundated with advertising that they are just not interested in. In other words, people just can’t take it anymore!

Rather, invest your time, money and efforts into the online marketing of your website, where effective tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Advertising can spark effective communication with your audience, immediately and in real time. Better yet, with almost every form of online advertising, you only pay for the service when you receive a website visitor. This method is called “Pay-Per-Click Marketing” and it is exactly what its name suggests – you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Not only does Pay-Per-Click advertising allow you to decrease the risk of wasting money on an unsuccessful campaign, but it also allows you to constantly adjust your ads according to the results you are seeing. This gives you the opportunity to continuously tailor your campaign further and increase the rate in which your visitors convert into sales! It really is hard to imagine a more efficient way of successfully marketing your products and services than this!


Website FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
Of course, you always want your audience to understand your business, your products, your services, and all of your terms and conditions and policies, but explaining it to them individually – in person, or via a lengthy phone call or email – robs you of your precious time. So, why not answer all of those frequently asked questions directly on your website, by creating informative webpages that your customers can access at all times, and use to quickly find the answers to their questions?

In fact, the majority of customers today would actually prefer to have immediate access to all of the information that they need on your website, without having to disturb you. So, not only will you save time for yourself and your staff, but your customers will sincerely respect your business for providing the valuable information that they require, in a way that is more appealing to their wishes.


Easy Website Maintenance
If you find the idea of managing a website daunting, don’t. A lot of people think that managing and maintaining a new website is as complicated as rocket science, which couldn’t actually be further from the truth. Dispelling this myth really comes down to understanding how a website works and experiencing it for yourself, as in reality, it’s nothing more than a relaxing walk in the park! Once upon a time, indeed, the process might have been considered to be both difficult and expensive, but luckily today, the market has evolved, and every new website built with GANZ Creative is developed on a totally user-friendly and reliable Content Management System (CMS). This makes adding or changing any aspect of your website content super-easy.

Whether you need to share a new blog article, list a new service, change your contact information, or update your office-hours, it can take as little as a few minutes. Doesn’t that sound better than having to change your details in multiple platforms, countless directory listings, or traditional print mediums, every time you need to make a slight change to your business? With a high-quality small business website that is built on the structure of a robust Content Management System, it’s as simple as making one small change and you’re done!

Essential Components For A Successful Small Business Website

Essential Components To A Successful Small Business Website

Having a professionally designed, high-class website is one of the most crucial factors for any new business in today’s market; it ensures an ongoing flow of new clients and paves the way for concrete conversions and increased sales.

Our Process - The Steps To Creating Your New Website

The Design Process - Creating Your New Small Business Website

At GANZ Creative, our goal is to maximise the success of the project and produce a website that is 100% in-line with the expectations and requirements of the client. This can only be achieved through a diligent planning and construction process,

What Are The Benefits Of Building A Website For Your Business

What Are The Benefits Of Building A Website For Your Business?

If your customers can’t find your business online, how is it possible for you to succeed in today’s business world? Let’s discuss in detail why you just can’t go without a high-quality small business website and a positive online presence in today's world.

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