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Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

Over the years, when it comes to the daily internet searches of consumers, there has been a drastic and significant increase in the use of smartphones and mobile devices. And with this upwards trend, responsive website design has been a dominating factor for the industry – a factor so important that it has completely altered the way companies build their online presence. A mobile responsive website will automatically adjust and reformat according to the device and screen size of the visitor, in order to improve the users’ experience and positively impact the site’s conversion rate, turning it into a more profitable platform.

In addition to increasing the productivity and profitability of your website, there are also many other reasons to implement mobile responsive design. None more important, however, than the increased benefits of enhanced Search Engine Optimisation. After changes were made recently to its algorithms, Google now factors in your “mobile-friendliness” when ranking your website in its search results, by detecting your webpage loading times, as well as the checking your website for the implementation of best mobile practices and other mobile responsive design elements. In other words, websites that aren’t optimised for mobile devices may never feature in Google’s search pages, or at best, they will appear very low on the list, several pages back from the first results. This is why, now more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial that your company’s website incorporates mobile responsive website design.

Responsive website design used to be a trend, but now it’s a necessity. So, offering your visitors an attractive, optimised experience – regardless of the device they’re using – will most certainly enhance the reach of your website and boost your customer engagement. Responsive website development carries enormous value to your business and you’ll certainly benefit from its cost effectiveness here at GANZ Creative. When we design your new website, or redesign an old one, it’s a given that every page will be mobile responsive as standard, and at no extra cost!

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