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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Did you know that there are almost 200 million active websites on the Internet today, and more than 1.5 billion websites in total? While websites can exist for an almost infinite number of purposes, the majority can be placed into one of two categories: static websites, and those built using a Content Management System.

Static websites are as they sound – static – and can only be created by a professional website developer using coding techniques that would baffle a regular consumer. While the results achieved by a static website can be just as impressive as any other design method, the price tag involved in this process is exceptionally high! Even worse, every time you wish to make a change to your website – whether it’s something complicated, or something as simple as adding a new blog post or changing your contact details – you need to liaise with your developer and pay their normal hourly rate to get it done. As you could imagine, over time this can be extremely expensive!

Websites built using a Content Management System – or CMS – however, are those built around software that allows you – someone without any particular coding or web development skills – to make changes to your website and create new content at any time, all without needing to liaise with outside developers or technicians. While the software behind a CMS website is brilliant and complicated, the process from your point of view is remarkably simple. Making changes to your website can be performed for free, any time you like, and without any specialised programming or web development skills. Typically, if you can find your way around word processing software like Microsoft Word, you won’t have any problems using a Content Management System.




Content Management System software was designed and created to be used by everyday people with no specialised web development skills. Once your website has been created and customised to your specifications by the friendly team at GANZ Creative, making changes to your website and adding new content is simple and can be likened to working with images and text in word processing programs such as Microsoft Word.


An additional benefit of CMS software is that you can easily give individual access to multiple people. While one person is creating a new blog post, someone else might be redesigning your home page or adding details of a new sale or discount. All users have their own account and login details and can access the website regardless of where they’re located. All they need is an internet connection and a suitable device – such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer – and they can make changes in real time to your website. When you decide that you no longer want a certain person to have access to your website, simply revoke their credentials. It’s your website, and you’re always in the driver’s seat.


When someone performs a Google search for your type of business in your local area, you want your business’ website to appear in the number one position. This isn’t an automatic process, as search engines like Google need to be taught what your website is about and which search terms should lead to your website being displayed. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and is a specialised field of online marketing. One of the primary benefits of CMS software is that they include regularly updated tools and plug-ins that can help your website’s SEO efforts, ultimately increasing the visibility of your website and the number of relevant people who will come to visit.


While computer hacking has been around since the advent of the Internet, there have been increasingly more incidents of large-scale hacking and data breach attempts in recent years. Business websites can be particularly vulnerable to hacking attempts in a bid to steal your valuable personal information, and that of your customers and clients. Content Management System software is specifically designed to protect websites from security threats including hacking and malicious software. Developed by highly skilled computer scientists and web developers, CMS software is relentlessly tested and constantly updated to provide ultimate levels of protection at all times.


Your website may be absolutely perfect when it’s first created, but there are going to be times in the future when you want to make changes or updates. Whether it’s something as simple as updating your business’s operating hours, adding a new contact phone number, or adding some new products to an online store, you need to be free to change and update your website as often as you like.

A Content Management System gives you the freedom to make changes as often as you like and provides the satisfaction of seeing your changes appear on your website instantly. Best of all, changing and updating a website built on a Content Management System is completely free, forever and always.

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