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It should come as no surprise that most of the jargon used in the tech world today, makes absolutely no sense to the average person or business owner. Terms like “UX” and “UI” are often thrown around by professionals on various technology blogs and media platforms, but when it comes to designing and developing a new website for your business, what do they actually mean and how are they relevant to you?

If you’re like most people, and you find “tech-talk” to be like a foreign language, then it’s totally understandable that phrases like ‘responsiveness is an important part of UX’ or, ‘the brand failed due to the website’s poor UI’, can often come off as confusing and unnecessarily complicated. There is good news, however. If you’re reading this article, then you have certainly found yourself in the right place to find help on the matter!

At GANZ Creative, we’re here to guide your through the process, by not only explaining the meaning of UX and UI, but also helping you to understand the difference between the two, and exactly why they are so important to the success of your website. By the end, we’ll ensure that you are adequately prepared with all of the knowledge you need to move forward, and you might even impress your tech friends along the way, with some detailed and professional “shop talk”!


Both UX and UI are extremely important aspects of a website. However, each plays a distinctly different role in the design process. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for your website design, we must first understand the precise meaning of both UX and UI, and grasp the idea that while these components are indeed very different from each other, they are always working seamlessly together.

UX stands for ‘User Experience Design’. It refers to the idea that a good website provides a memorable experience for its users, and that this will have more of an impact on them than any specific content could. While users are unlikely to remember exactly what a specific webpage or blog post said, chances are they will definitely be able to recall the experience they had and the way they felt when they first used the website. This is the underlying philosophy of a UX designer’s work; they focus on user experience to create a website that makes visitors feel good and allows them to access what they need, readily and with ease.

UI, on the other hand, refers to the ‘User Interface Design’. It is much more about the specific look of a website, focusing instead on particular elements, where they are positioned, and the general aesthetic of the page. UI addresses the presentation of a website while also ensuring the components are designed in a way which allows visitors to easily navigate throughout. This means UI designers often spend a lot of time in the detail. They’re looking at spacing, icons, imagery and responsive design that will enable an individual to find exactly what they need, and move forward to make a purchase or an online enquiry. Of course, in turn, a great User Interface design also creates a great user experience for the customer, which is why these elements always go hand-in-hand together.


While User Experience Design and User Interface Design focus on two completely separate aspects of a website, both work together to create one that is visually appealing, one that is easy to navigate, and one that evokes a positive response in its visitors. At GANZ Creative, we believe that it is the combination of these two elements that really makes a website stand out from the crowd, which is why both aspects are included in every website we design, or redesign, as standard.

Think about your dream website. It is visually appealing, greeting visitors in a positive manner, and creating an amazing first impression for your business. Buttons and links are easy to find, and there’s no confusion or tedious hunting processes to identify the information you need. You can easily move between the pages, with the structure of the website being both accessible and intuitive. Overall, you feel positive throughout your entire experience, with no tension or frustration at any point along the way.

This is what we aim to achieve with every website we build, and this is what our customers have come to expect when they hire us to design their new platform. At GANZ Creative, our approach is to use both UX and UI practices to create stylish and professional websites. We believe that if a website is user-friendly and generates a sense of comfort and joy, it is more likely to convert general visitors into purchasing customers, and lead to higher revenues and profits for your company. So, if you want to discover how we can achieve these same results for you and your business too, why not contact us today!

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