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We create efficient online ordering systems for restaurants and cafés

Online Ordering Systems For Restaurants

Technology has changed our lives in a whole host of ways, and today, even ordering food is considerably different to how it was 10 years ago. The days of phoning ahead to book a table or order a takeaway are all but over, and if restaurants and cafés want to stay ahead of the competition, then an online ordering system is a necessity.

Online systems have become a part of our daily lives, and ordering food using a smartphone or laptop is now a common occurrence. One of your main priorities as a restaurant or café owner should be making it easy for customers to browse your menu and order food, but without an online ordering system you may be sacrificing a huge amount of business. Ordering food online is quick, easy and comfortable, and with the majority of customers now ordering food using a mobile device, we’re not the only ones who think so!

While third-party apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats are rife in countless cities across the world, integrating these into your business can significantly eat into your profits. The commissions on these apps can be as high as 40%, so while you’re likely to reach more people, you’re unlikely to see much by way of increased profits. Instead, having your own beautifully designed and highly functional online ordering system allows you to reap the benefits of going digital without paying hefty commissions. Take orders via your website or social media for takeaway, delivery and table reservations. The right design will tempt customers into ordering more and you’ll see a huge boost in sales as more customers are exposed to your business.


GANZ Creative has the vision, creativity and knowledge of the industry to design and implement your custom online ordering system, allowing both new and existing customers to engage with your business and discover your food. We are a design and development agency with experience delivering custom online ordering systems with the aim of boosting revenue for cafés and restaurants, and our ordering systems make it easy for customers to browse, order and pay for their food, leading to an increase in sales for your business.

All ordering systems should be built with your brand in mind. We want your ordering system to be a reflection of your restaurant, a fuss-free and relaxing experience for your customers – with the end result delicious food for them to enjoy! A positive user experience is our top priority when it comes to your online ordering system. If a customer is able to easily navigate your online menu and table reservation system, they are far more likely to follow through and make a purchase. Not only that, they’ll be more likely to return at a later date and, if they enjoy the food, recommend your restaurant and website to their friends.

From browsing your menu, to selecting food choices to finalising orders, our online ordering systems make the entire process easy for your customers. Functionality aside, we will design your online ordering system in keeping with the look and feel of your establishment. Consistent branding is essential when it comes to digital marketing, and your online menu and ordering system will use eye-catching visuals to tempt customers into adding more items onto their order.


Impressive Design

We design websites that are visually appealing and actively engage with your audience!


Our websites are designed and optimised to function correctly on mobile devices of all sizes!

User Experience Focused

Our UX Designers use techniques that ensure an amazing user experience for your customers!


Unlimited Orders

There is no limit on the orders you can receive through your website, social media or smartphone app.


No Commission

You will never pay commission on the orders you receive. All of the profits stay with your business!

Accept Payments Online

We make it easy for your customers to browse your menu, place an order and pay online!

Delivery Orders

Customers can browse your menu, order online, and request delivery to your surrounding area.

Take-Away Orders

Customers can order and pay for food online, to be picked up directly from the restaurant

Table Reservations

Customers can reserve tables in your restaurant or café, and they can even order before they arrive!

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