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Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

When Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising first burst onto the scene, it was initially touted as nothing more than a visually attractive alternative to the more commonly used – and relatively archaic – banner ads of the time. Old-school banner ads were often considered to be unappealing to potential advertisers, due to the high-cost of implementation and a relatively low conversion rate. Nevertheless, as Google progressively grew into the company it is today – one of the world’s largest – their Google Ads service also flowered into a digital marketing powerhouse that generates more income than any other advertising platform has to date. Why has Google Ads been so successful? Quite simply – IT WORKS!!!

Business of all sizes, ranging from single person sole-traders to enormous multi-national corporations – located in almost every country on earth – utilise Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click services on a daily basis, to generate certified leads and to ensure a constant flow of high-converting traffic to their websites. At GANZ Creative, our highly-skilled team of professionals can assist you with the initial setup of your Google Ads account, helping to kick-start your new website and get things moving in the right direction. Or, we can also consult on a new or existing advertising campaign that you may require assistance with.

Having used Google Ads services extensively – both ourselves and on behalf of our clients – we know exactly what works and how to best optimise your campaigns. Our friendly team of advertising specialists will help you to meet and achieve your short and long-term goals, and help to create a more profitable business which can continuously grow, long into the future. Contact us today to discover the true potential of your online business, and connect with thousands of new customers that you never knew existed, throughout your local area, your country, or even internationally!

Additional Design & Development Services

Website Development - GANZ Creative

Website Development

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Search Engine Optimisation - GANZ Creative

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is without doubt, one of the most crucial long-term factors which contributes to a company’s overall success or failure.

UX - UI Website Design - GANZ Creative

UX / UI Website Design

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Mobile Responsive Website Design - GANZ Creative

Mobile Responsive Design

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Content Management Systems

All of the websites we create, redesign or update, are built using a robust and reliable Content Management System.

Business Logo Design - GANZ Creative

Business Logo Design

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E-Commerce Websites

If you’re looking to build a new website from scratch, or if you’re just updating and redesigning your current website, GANZ Creative has the vision and the experience to help your business succeed.


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


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